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Free Basic Dog Training Tips

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Free basic dog training tips to be a successful dog trainer!

Welcome to my website on dog training! Anybody can be a successful dog trainer - given you adhere to the rules of dog training and you apply the secrets of dog training and the free basic dog training tips that are revealed in this website. Those are not difficult to follow and actually very simple.

If you find this site informative and helpful, please make a donation so that we can continue to make this one of the best dog training sites on the internet. Thank you.

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Dogs are pack animals, like the wolves. They have one leader - the Alpha - and they will follow their leader and want to please their leader. That Alpha should be their human owner, you in other words. If the dog does not observe the qualities of leadership in his owner, he will assume that he should be the Alpha, and that will lead to many behaviour problems. Free Basic Dog Training Tips will provide you with the best dog training advice for any situation and behaviour problem.

The 10 most important secrets of dog training 

(as taught at the best dog training schools):

  1. Set your dog up for success
  2. Be consistent in your dog training
  3. Never train your dog when you don't feel well
  4. Use lots of praise and treats when training a dog
  5. Use yummy treats
  6. Do NOT expect TOO much TOO soon
  7. Keep dog training sessions short
  8. Play with your dog during training sessions
  9. Make dog training sessions fun and interesting
  10. End every dog training session on a positive note
The above are really the basis or foundation for good, effective and successful dog training. There are different methods of training for dogs that can be applied. One method can work well with some breeds, and another method can work better on another breed. You can even find that one method of training might work better with a certain exercise than other methods. That is why it is so important to know your dog. The important thing is that you find the method that works for your dog and that you apply that in your training to prevent your dog from developing behaviour problems later on.

Although the method of dog training is of utmost importance, it is also important to use the correct dog training tools, equipment and dog training accessories. There are many different collars and leads and clickers and toys on the market today that you can pick and choose from.

Please visit our online pet supply store for the best shopping experience. You can choose from the BEST dog training E-Books, DVDs and videos. You can also buy dog training equipment and tools, dog toys, beds, clothes and much, much more. And we not only cater for dogs, but for other pets and animals as well. So following these and other free basic dog training tips you will have the most well behaved dog in the neighbourhood!

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