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Advice on Puppy Training

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Advice on Puppy Training

Training Puppies - a New Adventure!

Congratulations! You have just bought yourself a new puppy. But what now? You have come to the right place to receive free advice on puppy training. Many people start their dog training when enrolling their dog for a basic obedience course at a dog training school. That is a very good idea, but if you have a puppy of six or seven weeks old, you will have to wait untill he is about four months old when he will be ready for the basic obedience course. Basic training for puppies should actually start the moment your puppy enters your life and house! Normally you will want to start with puppy toilet training or house training. You have also come to the right place for free advice on puppy potty training. Another aspect you will have to focus on is how to stop your puppy from biting you. Their teeth can be very sharp, so instead of having him bite your hand all the time, give him a toy or a chewable object.

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Many dog training schools now also offer (and encourage) obedience training for puppies. This is where your puppy will meet and learn to socialise with other puppies and people. This is very important in the life of your puppy. During his growing months your puppy will go through different phases. It is important for you to realise that and learn about those phases. At first your puppy will follow you wherever you go and you will be his everything. But, I'm sorry, that will not last very long - so enjoy the first few weeks!

Soon he will start wandering off to explore the great wide world. And he will not come when called (unless you make him come, by having him on a long lead). It is entirely up to you now to strengthen the bond between you and your puppy by playing and running with him and by having a few short training sessions everyday.

What should you teach your puppy during the Puppy Training Phase?

  1. House (potty) training should be one of the first things you do.
  2. Training a puppy NOT to bite - simply by giving a stern "NO!!" and growl. When he stops biting your hand (and he will!), offer him something like a hoof  that he may chew on.
  3. Teaching your puppy to play with you - start playing with a ball even when he is still only six or seven weeks old, and you will not have problems later trying to teach the retrieve!
  4. Socialising with other dogs and people, especially children.
  5. Start with the "SIT" command - feeding times are perfect for that.
You can click on the links on the left hand side of the page or go to the "Article" page of "Dog Training Basics" for more detailed descriptions and advice on puppy training and training techniques.

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