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How to House Train a Dog – Easy Steps

By MS du Toit

To house train a dog and especially a puppy is very easy and only requires patience, consistency and awareness. Nobody wants a dog that messes in the house, so many people just leave their dogs in the backyard – never allowing them in the house. These backyard dogs many develop undesirable behaviour which is caused by a lack of attention. If you are the new owner, you might have a dog that has never been house trained.

House Training a Puppy

A puppy does not yet have the ability to wait for a door to open if it wants to toilet. You as owner are responsible for being aware of when the puppy needs to go out. Listed are few definite situations and times when you should take your puppy to the area in your garden where you want it to toilet:

  • The moment it wakes up, in the morning or during the day when it was sleeping.
  • Just after feeding times
  • When you see the puppy sniffing around and turning in circles
  • When you see the puppy going behind furniture. (It is not playing hide-and-seek!)

At these times, pick up your puppy and take it outside. Wait there, sunshine or rain, until it has done everything. Do not go inside, the puppy will just follow you and do it in the house. And it will be all your own fault! Never scold your puppy if it had an accident in the house, it was NOT his fault.

You can be very successful in the dog training basics if you are consistent. Your patience will pay off and very soon you will notice your puppy start going outside all on its own. Remember also to praise your puppy everytime it does its toilet outside. It is also a very good idea to take your puppy to a dog training school for puppy classes and basic dog obedience training.

House Training an Adopted Dog

To house train a young and even older dog is basically the same as training a young puppy. It will even be quicker, but you need to be very consistent. Make sure to praise you dog when it is doing right. You can even train your dog to touch a bell when it wants to go out. You can do that by using the method of clicker training.

In all your dog training, be it house training, basic obedience training, dog agility training, always use positive reinforcement methods and you will achieve your goals much faster and both you and your dog will enjoy it.

MS du Toit has been training dogs for ten years. Please visit her Dog Training Review Page.
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